What is Onecommerce Reselling

Reselling on Onecommerce is little bit different. We Showcase list of supplier who have developed their online store through onecommerce, Reseller chooses supplier by analysing profit margin percentage of supplier and visits its store. Reseller then need to login to supplier website with reseller login details and then order any product wanted on that store and set its profit margin. After successfull delivery of order Reseller will get its commision in its Bank account

How Onecommerce Reselling is Different?

In Short, Onecommerce can be a dropshipping platform as well. Reseller signups for onecommerce store. Next, list products of the suppliers on their store, Share their store links to social media or advertise. After getting orders, Order the same product on supplier website, Reseller Add their profit margin and order the product. Product will be delivered by supplier to the address provided by reseller, After successfull delivery and return policy fullfilment settlement will be done and reseller will get its margin in its bank account.

What can be Reselled?


Any sort of service like plumbing, taxi services, tour planners, event planner, etc can be reselled through onecommerce.


Products in Most popular category that is registered to onecommerce can be reselled through resellers. Categories like ethenic wear, electronics accessories, automobile categories and much more.

Latest Products

Any local shop owner can resell product relevant to their shop in wholesale directly from manufacturer or wholesalers. Joined on onecommerce

Boost sales by targeting right audience.

Advertise store products on other social media profiles and target your product to right audience. You need to signup to Onecommerce @ 75 INR/month in order to use influencers service

sign up @75 INR

Easy to Use Platform

Using Onecommerce is super easy. Creating a new store is just some clicks away with no coding required. All you need to fill your data and get your store ready

Start store @75Rs/Month