What is Onecommerce ?

Onecommerce is a simple online platform that will help business owners to create their online store instantly. With small steps anyone who is willing to start its new business can start its online presence with oncommerce platform. Our team is dedicated to oncecommerce and consistently working on adding new websites templates as well as new features to boost sales and performance of business.

Our Vision

We wanted to build a system that will make it easy for any individual to start a new business with zero investement. From development to marketing we will support startups, Our marketing features like Reseller, Collaboration, Email marketing will surely boosts your sales if done in a right manner. Any business owner can by himself develop website in an instance without any coding knowledge and can boost its online presence easily with our marketing tools and features.

Who can use Onecommerce


Any sort of service like plumbing, taxi services, tour planners, event planner, etc can build their store through onecommerce.


Products in Most popular category that is registered to onecommerce can be reselled through resellers. Categories like ethenic wear, electronics accessories, automobile categories and much more.

Latest Products

Any local shop owner can resell product relevant to their shop in wholesale directly from manufacturer or wholesalers that are registered to onecommerce and opted for our reseller feature.

Boost sales by targeting right audience.

Advertise store products on other social media profiles and target your product to right audience. You need to signup to Onecommerce @ 75 INR/month in order to use influencers service

sign up @75 INR

Easy to Use Platform

Using Onecommerce is super easy. Creating a new store is just some clicks away with no coding required. All you need to fill your data and get your store ready

Start store @75Rs/Month